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This blog  provides diet and health advice for improving metabolism, energy production and hormonal balance. You can also visit BiochemNordic’s webiste for products and more information.

Thyroid disease awareness

Natural hypothyroidism treatment by BiochemNordic
Thyroid disease is wide-spread in Western countries; For instance, according to the American Thyroid Association, it is estimated that around 20 million Americans suffer from thyroid-related disorders in their lifespan and around 60% of those are unaware of their condition. Women are five to eight times more likely than men to have thyroid problems and one woman in eight will develop a thyroid disorder during her lifetime.
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My recovery from hypothyroidism

When I was 20 years old I had symptoms of hypothyroidism. I suffered from many of the typical symptoms of low thyroid function, including fatigue, digestive problems, skin problems, and hormonal disturbance. Learn more about the symptoms of hypothyroidism on my website

I regained my health using the brilliant work of Dr. Ray Peat. Dr. Ray Peat helped me with a thyroid promoting diet, beneficial nutritional supplements, and hormonal support compounds. On my homepage, I have an article that explains my hypothyroid recovery story, where you can read my whole health journey, and how Dr. Ray Peat’s advice helped me.

Dr. Ray Peat hypothyroid treatment method

Dr. Ray Peat is a leading expert within thyroid function and its role in health. For more than 40 years Dr. Ray Peat has researched the interaction of diet, hormones, aging, and disease. His key notion is that the gap between the body’s resources and the demands placed on it from the environment creates disease, thus harmful degenerative processes occurs instead of repair and healing when there is low thyroid function and thus lack of cellular energy.

Natural thyroid treatment

Through my company, BiochemNordic ( I seeks to raise awareness about the symptoms of thyroid disease and encourage those who are already receiving medical help to turn to additional natural thyroid treatment methods.

Natural hypothyroid treatment services

I have developed a range of online hypothyroid treatment services that can help you heal your thyroid using the natural hypothyroid treatment principles of Dr. Ray Peat. The services are not just another quick fix diet, instead, all my recommendations are built on a deep understanding of how the cells of your body function on the biochemical level.

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thyroid treatment
Natural Treatment For Hypothyroidism

If you have hypothyroidism you should know this!

The usual treatment for hypothyroidism is based on the wrong type of medication, and does not take diet and other hormonal imbalances into account. The correct treatment for hypothyroidism involves diet, supplements and correct medication, which contains a mixture of both of the body’s naturally thyroid hormones meaning T4 and T3.

Ray Peat thyroid diet
Ray Peat thyroid diet

What is the best diet for hypothyroidism?

If you are a thyroid patient suffering from hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) it is important to base your diet on foods that support your thyroid function and avoid food that suppresses cellular energy production.

Do You Want To Boost Your Metabolism?

BiochemNordic provides online Diet and health services for boosting thyroid function and improving your hormonal balance.

Natural hypothyroidism treatment by BiochemNordic

My health perspective is inspired by my own recovery from low thyroid function and hormonal imbalances. My focus is to use diet, supplements, and lifestyle to improve thyroid function and cellular energy production as well as support the body’s natural anti-stress hormones, thereby shifting the body from degeneration and disease to healing and repair.

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