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This blog  provides diet and health advice for improving metabolism, energy production and hormonal balance. You can also visit BiochemNordic’s webiste for products and more information.

Thyroid support supplements 5% reward code

Thyroid supplements
Vitamins minerals and herbs are part of my hypothyroid treatment method for supporting thyroid function and hormonal balance. I have collected a list of thyroid supportive nutritional supplements on Iherb, and you get a 5 % discount using my reward code.
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Thyroid support supplement list on iHerb – 5 % reward code:

I use a selection of high-quality nutritional supplements for increasing thyroid function and supporting the liver.

My collection of thyroid support supplements is found on BiochemNordic’s thyroid support list on iHerb and you get a 5 % discount by using my reward code.

The liver is a crucial organ when it comes to good thyroid function and hormonal balance. The liver needs large amounts of protein and B-vitamins to function optimally.

Certain minerals like Selenium are important for the activation of the thyroid hormone from its inactive form (T4) to the active T3, which is the actual hormone that controls cellular energy production.

Other vitamins are important for supporting the metabolic rate some of them are Biotin, vitamin B6, B5, selenium, and copper.

On my iHerb supplement list, you can see all the nutritional supplements that I find useful for a lifestyle that supports thyroid function and hormonal balance. Shopping through my list provides you with a 5% discount.

How to use the nutritional supplements for supporting thyroid function and hormonal balance:

My nutritional supplement guide provides you with a guide on how to use the supplement presented on my iHerb thyroid support list. Thus this guide provides you with information on how my selection of thyroid supportive vitamin, mineral and herbs can help your thyroid recovery.

You will get information on which supplements can help certain situations or conditions. You will also get dosage recommendations, making it easier for you to use the supplements correctly.

Hypothyroid treatment method:

My hypothyroid treatment method includes a thyroid supporting diet, thyroid supportive nutritional supplement, hormonal support compounds as well as natural desiccated thyroid products.

My hypothyroid treatment method is based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat, a leading thyroid expert. You can learn more about how I approach the treatment of low thyroid function and hormonal imbalances on my homepage:

You find all my hypothyroid treatment services in my shop.

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BiochemNordic provides online Diet and health services for boosting thyroid function and improving your hormonal balance.

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My health perspective is inspired by my own recovery from low thyroid function and hormonal imbalances. My focus is to use diet, supplements, and lifestyle to improve thyroid function and cellular energy production as well as support the body’s natural anti-stress hormones, thereby shifting the body from degeneration and disease to healing and repair.

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